Location: Tampa, Florida

Description of work: Solar Advantage Installed a large photovoltaic (PV) electric solar system. on the client’s home. We helped the client get financing so they could start making money on the system right away then helped them file for federal tax credit.

Client comments: “I thought we might have problems with the HOA because we have a large system, and some of the panels are on the front of the house, but I found out it is against Florida law for them to keep me from going solar. Ha! The black framed panels are slim, so they look fine.

“The Solar Advantage team was respectful, honest and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them to anyone considering solar.”

The end result: The client no longer pays for electricity. They produce enough to cover their power usage throughout the entire year. They’ve found they produce enough extra energy in the spring to carry them over into the summer months. Their new smart meter allows them to get full credit for every kWh they produce. And since their solar panels came with a 25-year warranty, they don’t have to worry about electricity prices soaring for the next few decades.