Project: PV and Hot Water in Orlando

Location: Orlando, Florida

Description of work: Solar Advantage installed a photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of the client’s house and a solar powered hot water heater. The project encountered some issues due to some inexperience from the City of Orlando’s inspection team but was completed quickly and to code. 

Client comments: “We have been extremely happy so far with the system. Solar Advantage did an excellent overall job in getting the job completed to code and up and running and producing electricity. I will be hiring Martin again to put a few more panels on the west side when I get that electric vehicle!”

What we learned: 
If you live in Orlando and have OUC utility service, it is worth your while to familiarize yourself with OUC’s requirements and options, as there are several solar programs, from grants and special financing rates to leasing options. Also be prepared for some ineptitude from the Orlando city inspectors, as solar energy systems are still a novelty.