Project: PV Installation St. Petersburg

Location: 710 37th Street N, St Petersburg, FL  33713

Description of work: Solar Advantage chose and installed the most efficient solar panels available for the photovoltaic (PV) panel installation. Solar Advantage helped the client apply to Duke Energy’s SunSense program and assisted with all required permits.

The numbers: The client applied for $28,000 for 28 panels (7 kw) from the SunSense program. Duke Energy paid half of the project upon completion, leaving the client with a $14,000 payment. The client received a 30% credit on his taxes. The annual home insurance went up $130 to cover the panels and the roof.

The client’s electricity bill was approximately $183 per month, but he now pays only the required maintenance cost of $10.49. The maintenance cost is taken from his original deposit, so he won’t be paying that fee for several years. He receives a check each year for the power he sells back to Duke Energy and expects to see a full return on his investment in 5-6 years, including an increased property value.

Client comments: “I consider myself fortunate to have chosen Solar Advantage, Martin and his team to install my panels through the SunSense program. They were very attentive to my needs and went out of their way to ensure I was completely satisfied with the work. The panels Martin installed cover all electricity use in the house (almost wish I had invested in an electric car). You can Google Earth our address, and you will see them (TOO COOL!)”