USF Library Powered by the Sun

Solar Advantage recently helped the Hillsborough county library system achieve a new milestone — energy independence at the USF library!

600$ Dollar Bill now just a memory for Net Zero Home

This 5000 SQFT home used to be burdened with a 600 dollar power bill each month. Now, that hot tub and AC’s are all serviced by a powerful 35 KW solar PV system with 8,000 watts of secure power if the grid goes down thanks to the SMA inverters’ secure power supplies. Net-Zero Achieved!

Solar Energy Savings Example

At typical 2300 SQFT home with normal appliance use will be well served by a 10 KW system. We can install a 10KW solar PV system for you that will produce about $200 dollars a month of Energy. We have easy to work with finance programs that can result in a fixed payment of only […]

Concrete Tile 11 KW Solar Energy System

Concrete Tile 11 KW Solar Energy System Grant L. (5-Star Google Review) July 2016 Martin and his installers did a great job. Our large system looks GREAT and working perfectly. The mounting system on our new (expensive) tile roof is great and virtually invisible. I HIGHLY recommend solar advantage, they were professional and responsive. They really […]

Grid-Connected Solar Benefits You & the Grid

The Benefits of Net Metering: Grid-Connected solar panels have considerable value for everyone according to a new study. When your Florida home or business is powered by solar energy, you have a net-metered connection. You get full, instant access to the solar electricity you have produced during the day, as the grid works like a near […]

Dover, FL | Solar Power = An ATM on the roof

Adding solar to your roof is like putting a working ATM on your roof. Even if you list your home tomorrow, expectant buys will factor in the hundreds of dollars a month of increased cash flow from the upgrade. That value is very predictable and able to be calculated by buyers.