Tampa, FL Solar Panels on Metal Roof

Metal roofs make excellent surfaces because solar panels can often be clamped to the seams in a secure way that does not require any flashing and penetrations.

Largo, FL home with no power bill

Hillsborough County, FL — A 14 KW Solar Electric Array with SMA inverters and a 120 Gallon Solar Hot water heater brought this family’s home to net zero.

Tampa, FL Solar Electric Car-port

Take advantage of the 26% tax credit on the whole solar carport, not just the panels. You get shade and electricity all in one package.

Secure Solar Power Outlets = Back up Power

Pinellas County, FL – This home received two inverters, each with its own back up power outlet. Usually if the power goes out, so does the solar generation, but this system from SMA and the StoreEdge system each provide solar power when the power is out, though by differing means.