Solar Installation Process

At Solar Advantage, we handle the complete solar installation so you can enjoy your energy independence. From permitting and design to electric interconnection, our commercial installation process stems from years of experience. Read more about our easy, four-step solar installation process below.

Free Estimate

First, fill out our free estimate form. The estimate will cover the initial system design and a financial analysis for your company. We’ll also include project financing assistance information.

Detail Finalization

Our design will include different power options and systems, and
we’ll make recommendations on which will best fit your needs. Once your company has approved our final design, we’ll start obtaining zoning permits and system certifications.

System Installation

While installing your new solar system, we will pass any necessary inspections in order to make sure your new system is ready to start. At Solar Advantage, we also handle interconnecting your existing electrical grid with the appropriate bi-directional meters.

Education & Maintenance

Now that your solar installation is complete, the only step left is to educate you and any necessary personnel on how it works. We’ll show you how to assess your system’s operations through the monitoring panel and educate you on proper maintenance practices.