Benefits of commercial solar power

Installing solar power in your business is an easy decision when you understand the independence that comes from having your own energy source. Solar power benefits are twofold: Reduce energy costs and meet your sustainability goals. Commercial solar power and solar roofing can result in tax credits and incentives more than 60% of the installed cost, saving your company money both now and later as electricity costs increase. Most business owners see a cash payback period of around 5 years on the investment if they don’t take advantage of financing. Those who do finance can stay cash positive from year one. Any unused energy will be put back in the grid you will receive a credited. And solar energy helps your company reduce its carbon footprint, making your community greener. 

How Solar Power Works

Since the beginning of time the sun has been powering the earth: feeding plants, distributing water supplies, and generating fossil fuel energies. Over the past several decades, scientists have become able to harness the sun’s power to replace non-renewable fuels that power our current civilization. So how does sunshine turn into electricity? Here’s how solar power works:

1. Solar power cells are converted from sunlight into DC electricity through a photovoltaic (PV) panel. 

2. The DC electricity flows to the inverter. It’s then converted from DC electricity to AC electricity.

3. The newly inverted AC electricity moves from the inverter to the breaker box, where it’s used to power your company’s lights and appliances.

Commercial Solar Power Installation

At Solar Advantage, we provide our own professional installation to give you solar power. Each system is designed specifically with your company in mind, fully customized for all your company or organization’s needs Get a quote to start your company’s journey to energy independence.