At typical 2300 SQFT home with normal appliance use will be well served by a 10 KW system.

We can install a 10KW solar PV system for you that will produce about $200 dollars a month of Energy. We have easy to work with finance programs that can result in a fixed payment of only $125 dollars a month.   That $75 dollars you save each month will increase in value almost every year as energy rates go up.  Alternately if cash is used for the project we often see a 7 or 8 year return on the investment. 

The return for business owned properties is even more accelerated, with 4 and 5 year cash flow paybacks! Don’t delay, the demand for solar is heating up as the word gets out and the economy recovers, these prices are not likely to last long, and the tax credit will start to sunset in 2020.

Please Click on Get a Quote for a customized proposal from our friendly staff. This can often be provided without a site visit if that is preferred. 

The Levelized Energy Cost (LEC) of Solar is lower than your utility cost by far. 

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