We're proud to announce our Energy Sage program!

This program is open to all Energy Sage customers of Solar Advantage.

As a thank you for choosing Solar Advantage, we would love to extend to your friends & family the same great pricing that you negotiated for your system PLUS give you $300 for each one that installs a system.

Just refer some friends and family to us DIRECTLY through our referral program. We will see that you referred them to us and will give them the same low pricing we gave you, of course designed and sized for their specific home & needs. When they get their system installed we’ll give you $300 cash. Let’s say you refer 10 people to us and 2 of them go solar on their home, that’s $600 for you and they get a great price to go solar!

How it works:

Step 1

Download the Share Some Friends app from your app store of choice:

Step 2

Once you open the app on your phone, enter Campaign ID:

Use code: SamePrice

Step 3

Choose as many people from your contact list as you desire that would love to or benefit from going solar!  Once you’re finished, just tap “next.”

Step 4

Enter your name & phone number, so that we know who gave us the referrals in case they decide to go solar.

Step 5

You will see our suggested text message ready to go out to everyone. Feel free to edit the message before you hit send.

Step 6

Hit Send

Step 7

We will personally contact them & explore if it makes sense for them to go solar. We are professional & tactful in our approach. No telemarketers. No auto-dialers. No high-pressure salespeople.

Step 8

For every person you refer who has a system installed, you get $300 after the system is installed & activated.