FAQ | Solar Advantage

Since 2011 Solar Advantage has armed the Tampa Bay area with energy independence. Even so, the solar power concept is a new one. Here we’ve accumulated several of the questions we’re frequently asked about solar energy.


Q: Will switching to solar power disconnect my electricity?

A: No. Don’t think of it as removing your power but as adding another power source. You may be able to generate enough energy with solar power to completely offset your current energy source.

Q: Will I be able to use solar power at night?

A: Yes, and at full credit with none of the electrical losses associated with battery storage. Thanks to Florida’s net-metering law, your new bidirectional smart meter records all the energy you have put back on the grid from the panels from January 1st of each year. During the night and other periods where you need to draw more power than is available through the panels, you draw directly on the energy  “stored” on your meter in Kilowatt-hours.

Q: Do I need batteries?

A: No. You won’t need batteries because you’ll still have electricity as a power source.

Q: Will my current power provider like Duke or TECO write me a check for my solar power?

A: If your solar panel overproduces energy, it’s possible you’ll get a check from your provider at the end of the year. Florida has annual net metering, meaning any overages will be calculated yearly.

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