Solar Water Heater for Your Home

Installing a solar water heater has two key advantages: You’ll diminish your carbon footprint by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that are a result of traditional heating systems, and you’ll save money. It’s no secret solar water heaters have a higher initial cost than electric water heaters, but in the long run your savings will be incomparable. And thanks to the beautiful Sunshine State, there’s enough solar power to reduce your solar water heater electricity bill by almost 90%.

Intelligent automation leading to outstanding efficiency and self-sufficient operations is what sets our solar water heater apart from the competition. Our solar water heater turns on and off daily, collecting heat whenever available. Its automatic controller alerts the pump on when to run, simultaneously opening the automatic check valve. The pump will then circulate cold water from the bottom of the special solar storage tank through your solar collector(s) then return the heated water to the tank. This cycle repeats while the sun is available to heat your water. When no heat is available, the controller turns the pump off and closes the check valve to prevent any loss of heat from the tank.

Another popular solar water heater design incorporates a small photovoltaic (PV) panel to power the circulation pump when the sunshine is available. When the sun is weak, the pump runs more slowly in order to allow the water to heat. When the sun is shining strongly, however, the pump action is more powerful, taking advantage of the available heat so that if you ever need more hot water than the sun can provide, a back-up heating element automatically assumes power, ensuring you will always have hot water.

What we do

At Solar Advantage, we only install top-of-the-line solar water heaters. All our solar water heaters, especially ones that feature the option PV-powered circulation pump, have excellent solar efficiency numbers. One of our popular models, the EZ65-32 DPV, has a Florida Energy Efficiency rating for Central Florida of 4.1. All our collectors and systems are, of course, SRCC and FSEC certified. All of our solar water heating systems come with a 10 year warranty on the solar water heating collector.

Solar Hot Water Rebates


OUC customers have an incentive that’s always available. 

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