Commercial Solar Leasing

When you choose solar, you get more than a clean, renewable energy source; you get the power to manage you own energy usage. Solar systems provide a reliable alternative to utility power, so you can reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources and avoid the risk of rising energy prices.

Solar leasing benefits

Solar leasing is the perfect money-saving opportunity for companies that are unable to benefit fully from tax incentives. Solar leasing allows you to improve your cash flow immediately.

Here are some benefits of solar leasing

Leasing Options

Zero down payment (most flexible option)

This option allows you to install a solar system with no up-front costs. You’ll benefit immediately from low monthly lease payments and reduced energy bills.

Down payment plan (best of both worlds)

Pay down a portion of the lease and benefit from even lower monthly payments. Best of all, you have the flexibility to choose how much you prepay, so the down payment is sure to fit in your budget.

Pre-paid lease (best overall value)

Make one payment up front with nothing due for the rest of the term. You’ll get all the protections and benefits of leasing, including the best overall value per kWh with no monthly lease payment. 

Solar leasing organization requirements

Good financial shape

High Energy Demand

Systems Over 100kW

For Profit/Individual

Solar leasing details

Solar leases are offered on ground-mounted systems, large carports, and solar canopies. Solar Advantage and our leasing partners own and install the solar equipment so that your business can benefit today from low energy rates, fixed for 20 years without the risk of utility company rate escalation.