We're proud to announce our Refer-A-Friend program!

This program is open to employees and customers of Solar Advantage.

We LOVE solar energy (that’s not a secret!) and we know our customers love solar energy and seeing other people go solar too!  When you refer someone to us, and they get a Solar Energy system installed, we’ll give you $300 cash and give them $300 cash too! Let’s say you refer 5 or 10 people to us and 2 of them go solar on their home, that’s $600 for you and $300 for each of them once the systems are installed.

How it works:

Step 1

Download the Share Some Friends app from your app store of choice:

Step 2

Once you open the app on your phone, enter Campaign ID:

Customers use code: GoSolar

Employees use code: GreatCompany

Step 3

Choose as many people from your contact list as you desire that would love to or benefit from going solar!  Once you’re finished, just tap “next.”

Step 4

Enter your name & phone number, so that we know who gave us the referrals in case they decide to go solar.

Step 5

You will see our suggested text message ready to go out to everyone. Feel free to edit the message before you hit send.

Step 6

Hit Send

Step 7

We will personally contact them & explore if it makes sense for them to go solar. We are professional & tactful in our approach. No telemarketers. No auto-dialers. No high-pressure salespeople.

Step 8

For every person you refer who has a system installed, you get $300 after the system is installed & activated.