Dad, can I turn on the sun? (Real Customer Photo)

Get Solar Power for Your Florida Home

Solar Power

Pursue the goal of “net zero energy” by having your entire home’s electrical grid interconnected with solar power. Feel your new-found independence like this family did when they flipped the switch on their new PV power system from Solar Advantage.

Explore the possibilities with our energy consultants of re-roofing and solar with our roofing division, Advantage Roofing and Construction.

How Solar Advantage saves one family over 500 dollars a month, powers the Tesla and heats the pool, all with solar PV power.

If your goal is energy independence, motivated by either money or concern for the environment, the first step to that is installing solar panels. Florida is the perfect location for solar energy, as we’re powered by sunshine year round. See what options we have to transform your home into a net-zero energy machine!