The Ultimate Portable Solar Power Supply

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The Sunmobile is a portable solar trailer that lets you harness solar power anywhere, giving you the freedom to charge your EV and power your adventures with clean, renewable energy on the go.

Tow with Ease

Feather-light and durable all-aluminum frame designed for effortless exploration – only weighing around 1,000 pounds.

Advanced Solar Technology

Generate up to 8.4KW of clean energy, anywhere you go.

Smart Folding System

Setup and take-down in less than 5 minutes with our easy-expand, smart folding design.

Robust Power Storage

10KWh of power storage ensures you’re always charged and ready for adventure.

Versatile Charging Options

Charge anything, anywhere – EVs to RVs.


Whether it’s charging your EV or powering your outdoor expeditions, Sunmobile is here to ensure you’re always powered.


What is Sunmobile?

SunMobile is a cutting-edge portable solar trailer designed to provide clean, renewable energy on the go. Perfect for charging electric vehicles and powering outdoor activities.

How quickly can Sunmobile be set up?

SunMobile boasts a quick and easy setup process, taking less than 5 minutes to get up and running. No complicated tools or processes – just simple, swift power access.

Can Sunmobile charge Electric Vehicles?

Yes, SunMobile is equipped to charge electric vehicles, making it an ideal companion for eco-friendly travel.

Does the trailer store power?

Yes, the trailer touts a massive built in power-store of 10KWh.

How much power can the Sunmobile generate?

The Sunmobile trailer boasts an incredible 8.4KW of solar panels which produce about 40kWh on a sunny day.

What type of batteries are used?

The Sunmobile uses all lithium batteries with a storage capacity of 10kWh.

What is the frame made of?

Our ultralight frame is engineered from aluminum for maximum strength, while staying lightweight and efficient as possible.

Elevate your adventures and embrace sustainability.

  • Ultra-lightweight Portability
  • Robust Power Generation & Storage
  • Portable EV Charging

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