Concrete Tile 11 KW Solar Energy System

Concrete Tile 11 KW Solar Energy System Grant L. (5-Star Google Review) July 2016 Martin and his installers did a great job. Our large system looks GREAT and working perfectly. The mounting system on our new (expensive) tile roof is great and virtually invisible. I HIGHLY recommend solar advantage, they were professional and responsive. They really […]

Dover, FL | Solar Power = An ATM on the roof

Adding solar to your roof is like putting a working ATM on your roof. Even if you list your home tomorrow, expectant buys will factor in the hundreds of dollars a month of increased cash flow from the upgrade. That value is very predictable and able to be calculated by buyers.

Tampa, FL Solar Panels on Metal Roof

Metal roofs make excellent surfaces because solar panels can often be clamped to the seams in a secure way that does not require any flashing and penetrations.