Tate House Destroyed By Plane Goes “Net Zero Energy”

TAMPA – Eight years after Ty Pennington led the chorus of “Move that bus,” catapulting a corner house on Davis Islands into the national spotlight, the rebuilt structure received a 12 KW solar PV system. The system is enough to bring the energy bill to zero and make the facility “net-zero-energy.”

Net-Zero Homes Aerial Video

Aerial video of Solar Photovoltaic PV and Solar Hotwater systems that eliminate utility power bills from Tampa, St. Pete, and Pinellas, Florida. These homes demonstrate how to make your power bill go to zero even with limited roof space.

Springing Energy into the Summer

Solar Advantage Installed a large photovoltaic (PV) electric solar system. on the client’s home. We helped the client get financing so they could start making money on the system right away then helped them file for federal tax credit.

“Too Much Shade” Home

The homeowner had been told by another company there was too much shading to install solar energy on the home, but we used our experience and leveraged the tight spaces to design a layout that included 26 panels on the back and sides of the home that are barely visible from the road.

Metal Roof in Pasco

Solar Advantage installed a solar photovoltaic (PV) on the roof of the client’s home in Pasco. 

7-kW PV System in Tampa

Solar Advantage installed a 7-kilowatt grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of a home, including solar water heater power.

PV and Hot Water in Tampa Palms

Solar Advantage installed a 10.2 kW Solar Edge photovoltaic (PV) system with a DC optimizer and hot water system for a home in Tampa Palms.