Solar Pool Heating Keeps You Swimming Year-Round

Even though Florida winters are pleasant and mild, they’re a little too cold for outdoor swimming. Solar pool heating allows you to enjoy your pool year-round. Relax in warm, soothing water in your own swimming pool no matter what the season. Extend pool parties to your friends and family knowing your pool will always be the right temperature.

Traditional pool heating systems run on either natural gas or electricity, costing you more in the long run with operational costs. Because solar pool heating systems use the sun as their energy source, their operations are free! In addition, rather than using fossil fuels that produce pollution-causing emissions, you’ll be doing your part to preserve nature’s beauty and conserve energy.

At Solar Advantage, our solar pool heating systems are easy to install. They easily connect to your existing pool pump and filter, so there are no additional costs. Like all our products, solar pool heating systems from Solar Advantage come with our full 12-year warranty and our esteemed customer service reputation.

1.  The pool pump moves the water to the solar collectors.

2.  Cool water enters the solar collector from the bottom.

3.  Water is heated as it flows upward through the collector tubes to the top header pipe.

4.  The warm water returns to the pool.

5.   The process repeats until the desired water temperature is reached.